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Occam takes OSC messages and converts them to MIDI. It exports a MIDI source to CoreMIDI which can be used in any Mac OS X application that accepts MIDI. It broadcats the existence of this OSC-to-MIDI service using Rendezvous (Zero-Conf).

Though programming languages like C, Objective-C, C++, and Java can access CoreMIDI directly, many other programming languages can not. However, most of these languages have socket interfaces. Occam lets these languages talk MIDI using the socket interface they already have: there is no need to implement new primitives. You may need to implement OSC sending, but this is quite easy to do. After that, using Occam, you can compose algorithmically using the programming language of your choice.

Occam responds to the following OSC Namespace:

/osc/midi/out/noteOn channel (int) key (int) velocity (int)
/osc/midi/out/noteOff channel (int) key (int) velocity (int)
/osc/midi/out/polyTouch channel (int) key (int) pressure (int)
/osc/midi/out/control channel (int) index (int) value (int)
/osc/midi/out/program channel (int) index (int)
/osc/midi/out/touch channel (int) pressure (int)
/osc/midi/out/bend channel (int) value (int)
/osc/midi/out/allNotesOff channel (int)

[For more detail on MIDI Control messages see]

Requirements: A Mac running MacOS X 10.2 (Jaguar) or greater.

Occam The Application
Occam Source The Source

To Do
Convert MIDI to OSC
Add support for SysEx messages

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